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Welcome to Zig Zag Fish

I started to make my own breeding caves and rocks in 2009 for my own use as I couldn’t find what I wanted and coming from a Pottery background I wanted to make caves and rocks that fish will use for Breeding from L numbers ( Loricarrid Catfish) to Cichlids and safe to use in a Aquarium, My Breeding Logs , Caves and Rocks are all Hand Made from Terracotta , I don’t use moulds so they are all Unique pieces , fired at 1100 dg they will never brake down in the water so they are just like Rock’s and more natural for the fish to use. The colours I use are all oxides they contain no lead or other heavy chemicals that can bleach into the water.

Most mass produced Logs, D shapes, etc , I have found over the years are either way to big or to small for L numbers ( Loricarrid Catfish) , I make sizes more suited to the size of the Fish not just small, medium or large , as most breeders would know Male L numbers (Loricarrid Catfish) like a tight fit to trap the Females in the caves.
I also make custom orders to suit whatever size L number (Loricarrid Catfish) you might have.
A lot of African Cichlids like to use hollow rocks to breed in; I like to make them as real as possible so they fit in statically in any aquarium from Display or just breeding tanks.
Have a look at the range and if you interested contact me by email or call me .



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